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Quinceañera is an important, culturally significant Latin tradition that not only marks the blossoming of a girl from her childhood to young adulthood but also celebrates womanhood in general. To mark this momentous occasion in a girl’s life and enjoy it completely with friends and family, spectacular Quinceañera halls are absolutely necessary.

Oasis Palace has carved a niche for itself as one of the greatest Quinceañera venues for some time now. If you live in or around Newark or Fremont, CA, who are looking to rejoice this wonderful moment in life, Oasis Palace offers every desirable feature.

With classic styling and modern amenities, our Quinceañera hall is perfectly customized to host the traditions, rituals and decor to suit the plans that you have made for your beloved daughter. Whether your plans are elegant and traditional or more lavish and modern, Oasis Palace banquet halls can and will provide the apt setting for them. The presence of stage areas to arrange the candle ceremony and plentiful seating for your guests enables our hall to host parties of different sizes. Our hall provides space for music such as live music or a DJ, abundant space for dancing and tables for meals. Additionally, our hall is equipped with audiovisual technology to display special video moments and speeches from loved ones for your daughter.Our specialists can aid your party planning at every step and are adept at accommodating any special requests or needs.

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